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Home Insurance

Good coverage is vital when it comes to protecting your home. Getting coverage for a great price makes it even better. We know what questions to ask to pair you with the company.


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Auto Insurance

Navigate the roads with peace of mind. Our auto insurance offers comprehensive protection at competitive prices. We specialize in customizing policies to fit your unique driving needs and budget, ensuring you’re covered at every turn.

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Life Insurance

Protect your family’s tomorrow with our life insurance plans. Offering a balance of affordability and comprehensive coverage, we tailor policies to safeguard your loved ones’ financial future, providing you with peace of mind.

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Strengthen your financial resilience with our bond solutions. As an insurance agency, we provide a range of bonds that ensure security and compliance, tailored to your specific needs. Our expertise means reliable protection for your business interests.”

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Workers Comp Insurance

Protect your team with our workers’ compensation insurance. Offering comprehensive coverage for workplace injuries, we ensure safety and support for your employees, keeping your business resilient.

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Articles of Coverage Insurance

Explore comprehensive options with our articles of coverage. Tailored for diverse needs, we ensure your specific assets are safeguarded, delivering customized protection for what matters most to you.

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We compare the top rated companies so you don’t have to, finding the coverages you need at the price point you want.

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Why Choose Sommelier Insurance Group?

We offer additional services for added peace of mind:

  • Risk Management Assist
    Our customers have unlimited telephone access to our team of Risk Service specialists. They are available to provide guidance and answer questions about the risks your business may face and how to prevent future losses.

No matter who you are, we’ve got what you need.


I had a great experience at Abbott Insurance. They were very friendly and professional and showed me many auto insurance plans I could choose from that best suited my needs. I highly recommend Abbott Insurance and I will definitely be back to see them whenever I need other types of insurance coverage!!

Chad K.
Professional Firms

Her professionalism and speed are unparalleled while being beyond accommodating of my busy workdays, she gave it to me quickly and concisely. All while making sure I wasn’t missing anything and was covered completely.

Stephanie B.

I would not hesitate to give ten stars to Abbott Insurance if I could. Thank you so much Sir for the outstanding customer service, the professionalism, the dedication you provide for our commercial insurance package. The best Insurance Agent & Broker I ever worked with for 32 years.

Smiley N.
Professional Firms

Without a doubt best place I have ever dealt with! Everyone is so friendly and patient whenever I go in or call. I canceled a vehicle and then had it out back on that same day, and they were more than willing to help me with it. Didn’t give me any hassle or complaints and the guy that I was dealing with even stayed late to make sure I was being taken care of. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Savanna B,